Monday, May 4, 2009

Vanhoutte Spirea

The Vanhoutte spirea bushes just started to flower a couple days ago. I call this the old lady bush because you seem to see these in front of some old house where some old lady with two or three cats lives. These were popular for landscaping years ago and many of these bushes have been growing in the same place for a long long time.

This Vanhoutte spirea (Spirea x vanhouttei) is along Erie St. in Lafayette, it's a new planting since they closed down the railroad tracks there and put in the street not too many years ago.

This is the same spirea as the one above, a closer look at the distinctive white flower clusters. They remind me of those chocolate candies with the white sprinkles on top. Pictures taken May 2, 2009.

This Vanhoutte spirea (Spirea x vanhouttei) is on Main Street hill. It's possible this bush is as old as the house. This picture was taken May 3, 2009.

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