Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hoarfrost and silver maple

This is the Wabash River looking upstream from the pedestrian bridge at Lafayette, Friday morning, February 12, 2009. Everything is covered with hoarfrost.

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Link to Wabash River levels:

The branches are of silver maple (Acer saccharinum) trees in Tapawingo Park in West Lafayette. The twigs of silver maple trees grow in a distinctive fashion, upturned at the ends. You can see this best in the winter when the leaves have fallen. The branches are covered with flower buds. The silver maple trees will flower later this month or in early March. As maples are wind pollinated, the flowers are not showy. Most people don't notice them. But they release huge amounts of pollen into the air.

Link to silver maple (Acer saccharinum):

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wabash River January 31, 2010

Wabash River from the pedestrian bridge at Lafayette, January 31, 2010. It has been cold for a few days and the river is starting to freeze again.

Watching the ice floes smash into the bridge piling is an inexpensive pastime.

Link to Wabash River levels: