Sunday, July 1, 2012

Flash Flood in Happy Hollow Ravine

The month of June 2012 has been very dry in West Lafayette, and the main ravine at Happy Hollow Park has been completely dry most of the month.  After no rain all month, about 2/3 inch of rain fell the evening of June 16.  The next morning of June 17 about 9 am the excess water that ran off of the ground reached the ravine and flow was briefly restored.  Here you can follow the stream as it flows down the ravine.  The last movie was taken while looking down from a small footbridge near the park picnic grounds.  This aboveground flow only reached a short distance beyond this point and the creek remained dry all the way to the Wabash.

This creek is dry a lot of the time and it's got water in it a lot of the time but I've never seen it starting up like this before.  

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