Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Bouncing Bet at Willamsport Falls

Bouncing Bet (Saponaria officinalis), in flower, at the edge of the bedrock floor of the creek just before it goes over Williamsport Falls.

This plant is reputed to be used to make a soap to wash things with.  Years ago as an experiment I took some Bouncing Bet and crushed it up and swished it around in some clean water.  It made a weak foam on the water but the water got so dirty that I hardly think it would have been able to get anything clean.  

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Link to Saponaria officinalis:

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Just before going over the edge of the falls, the creek has carved potholes in the sandstone bedrock. 

A view of Williamsport Falls.  Due to the lack of rain all year, I expected the falls to be completely dry but there was about as much water flow as you'd usually see this time of year.  During a bitter cold winter this can turn into a huge icicle.

Williamsport Falls is in Warren County and is right in the middle of the town of Williamsport.

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Pictures taken June 20, 2012.

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