Friday, August 21, 2009

Wabash River in August

Wabash River, looking downstream from Lafayette, August 14, 2009.

The river on this day was rather low, which is normal for August. Today the river is much higher due to the recent heavy rains in the watershed area, and the sandbars are underwater again.

Link to current Wabash river level:

This website also shows Wabash river data, you can reset the graph to show the level for the last 60 days:

The sandbar has been above water long enough for some grass to sprout.

A few miles upstream, the Tippecanoe River and Wildcat Creek enter the Wabash. Lafayette began in 1825 as the terminal point for steamboat traffic up the Wabash, there was too little water to float a large boat farther upstream. When the Wabash was low as you can see in the picture, large boats didn't have enough water here either. The Wabash is not dammed or channelized for navigation and is one of the largest wild rivers in the nation.

Link to steamboat traffic on the Wabash:

Link to current Wildcat Creek level:
Link to current Tippecanoe River level:

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