Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sunfish nest with softshell turtle and rose mallow

From the Monon Trail in Marion County, August 8, 2009.

The Monon Trail crosses White River with two bridges north of Broad Ripple, this is looking down from the north bridge.

At the upper right of the picture is a softshell turtle basking in the sun. On the submerged concrete debris a bit to the left is a sunfish breeding nest, the male sunfish has swept away the loose debris to form a circular area on the bottom where he will linger to guard the eggs. Look close and you can see the top of the sunfish in this view.

Link to sunfish:

The flower at the bottom of the picture is a halberd-leaved rose mallow (Hibiscus laevis). These are common on the banks of White River.

Link to Hibiscus laevis:

Link to a previous post on softshell turtles:

The Monon Trail is now open past 146th St. into Westfield as far as 161st St.

The best water on the Monon Trail is at the entrance to the Indiana Blind School.

Link to softshell turtles in the Wabash River:

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