Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sunday, May 4, 2008, in the Purdue Hort Park woods, also called Stewart's Woods.

Sunny, cool, very slight breeze. Redbud flowering. Bush honeysuckle leafed out.

Mertensia blossoming. Just like at Celery Bog yesterday, cast off tree flowers scattered dead on ground, possibly from ash trees, I don't know. Unknown brown mushroom. Trillium flexipes. Most of the spring flowering is past. Still flowering now, blue phlox, prairie trillium. Tall yellow violets are flowering. Mayapple is flowering. Two morel mushrooms found at foot of beech tree. The beech tree with beech drops (Epifagus virginiana) at the base. They are parasitic on the beech tree roots. Also ramps, jack-in-the-pulpit. Some rust on mayapple. In swampy area, swamp buttercup (probably Ranunculus septentrionalis), unknown whorled-leaved lily (possibly Lilium michiganense), rattlesnake fern (2 plants seen, Botrychium virginianum).

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