Thursday, May 15, 2008

Here is a photo taken from an old aerial photograph of the land that is now called Celery Bog. This photo was taken about 1954. You can see Lindberg Road across the bottom of the pic. Purdue Golf Course is already in existence. The only natural area that exists is Scifres-Maier Woods, in the top left of the pic. This probably shows the land at its most devastated point in its history. It would have taken an extensive and deep tiling system to drain the low land enough to try to farm it like this. Some time after 1954 the attempt to farm this land was abandoned, probably too tough to keep it dry enough. The natural area we have now is the result of this land being left alone for fifty years. The land where the clear-cutting was done between the golf course and the pond has been recovering nicely with trees until 2008. The clear-cutting is just the latest event in a long history of insults to this land.

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