Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dodder at White River State Park

An extensive growth of dodder (Cuscuta sp.) nearly covers an entire island at the base of one of the piers of the old Washington Street pedestrian bridge at White River State Park at Indianapolis.  The dodder is the yellow stuff you see on the island.

 Another view of the same dodder seen in the first picture, looking down from the Washington St. pedestrian bridge.  The host plant for the dodder is unknown. 

Two more patches of dodder, on the east bank of White River.  This view is also from the old Washington St. pedestrian bridge at White River State Park.  I will guess that it is the same kind of dodder as seen in the first two pictures. 

Pictures taken August 12, 2012.

Link to Cuscuta:

Link to how Cuscuta finds its host plant by smell:

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