Friday, April 27, 2012

Yellow lady's-slipper orchid in Happy Hollow Park

Here's a single yellow lady's-slipper orchid happily growing in Happy Hollow Park. Probably the large yellow lady's-slipper (Cypripedium parviflorum var. pubescens).  It would be quite a find to encounter one of these growing wild within the city limits.  But then it occurred to me that someone could have decided to plant this here, so who knows?  It's close to a well-traveled area.  The needle-leaved plants surrounding it are Equisetum.

Pictures taken April 26, 2012.

Link to Cypripedium parviflorum var. pubescens:

Link to Cypripedium parviflorum:

Another place to find yellow lady's slipper is at Clegg Gardens, just east of Lafayette.  At Clegg Gardens the lady's slipper is not wild but has been planted.

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