Sunday, February 13, 2011

Snow covers the Wabash

Looking upstream from the pedestrian bridge at Lafayette. When it stays cold enough for a long enough time, the ice floes on the Wabash River jam up at the pedestrian bridge and the floating ice backs up for miles. Here the heavy snow event in early February covered the ice with a thick layer of snow. The air temperatures were seven degrees below zero Fahrenheit here the morning this picture was taken. That's the coldest yet this year.

Two rabbits made the mistake of venturing out on to the snow covering the river. They are gone but you can see the tracks leading to the two spots where hawks caught the rabbits.

View on the downstream side of the pedestrian bridge. The channel is free of ice downstream from here. Bald eagles are concentrated on the stretch of the Wabash that is clear of ice like this. Good place to find them is at the US 231 bridge a couple miles downstream. The birds in the picture are mallard ducks.

All pictures taken February 10, 2010.

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