Monday, December 14, 2009

Dried floral arrangement on Main St.

You can find this dried plant arrangement outside of the Artist's Own Shop on Main St.

Link to Artist's Own:

These are the plants that were used, as best I can figure out:

The red stems are from Red Osier Dogwood

Link to Red Osier Dogwood:

The tallest straw colored stems with the seedheads is Miscanthus sinensis, a very popular ornamental grass:

Link to Miscanthus sinensis:

Link to Miscanthus sinensis:

The branches with the tiny purple fruits are Callicarpa, or beautyberry, probably Callicarpa dichotoma:

Link to beautyberry:
Link to Callicarpa dichotoma:

The little black clusters are blackberry lily (Iris domestica)

Link to blackberry lily:

The evergreen boughs are white pine and hemlock

Link to hemlock (Tsuga canadensis):

Link to white pine:

Link to white pine:

Also in the arrangement is Hydrangea.

Link to Hydrangea:

Addition 3/19/2010: Somehow I left out mention of the dried seed capsules, the most interesting part of the arrangement. These are from some sort of Lilium species, the lily flowers turn into these capsules (also can be called fruits)

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