Friday, November 27, 2009

Pachysandra and labyrinth

This ground cover is Pachysandra, probably the non-native Pachysandra terminalis. It's in the courtyard of St. John's Church at 6th & Ferry Street. There is another Pachysandra that is native to Indiana which can also be used as a ground cover under shade trees, that is Pachysandra procumbens. The tree in the picture is a flowering dogwood tree (Cornus florida). If you look at the tree right now you find the buds for next spring's flowers at the tips of all the twigs.

Pictures taken November 26, 2009.

Link to Pachysandra:

Link to Pachysandra procumbens:

Link to Pachysandra terminalis:

Link to Pachysandra procumbens:

Link to Cornus florida:

This labyrinth is also in the churchyard, next to the Pachysandra.

Link to list of labyrinths around the world:

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