Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mulberries are ripe

Mulberries are ripe. Not the best fruit to eat but plenty edible and good for a snack. Easiest way to find these in the city is to notice where the ground is stained from mulberries fallen out of the tree. Mulberry trees are common in the city and in the country, nobody plants them, they just sprout up on their own.

This mulberry tree is along the river trail at White River State Park, Indianapolis. picture taken June 13, 2009.

This mulberry tree is in a fencerow in Shelby County, picture taken June 11, 2009.

This mulberry tree is on a roadside in Montgomery County, picture taken June 13, 2009.

These mulberry trees are Morus, probably Morus alba.

Link to Morus sp.:

Link to Morus alba:

Sometimes you find a mulberry tree with white fruits; they look like maggots but they taste better than the more common purple fruits.

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